HW 3

Mechanics of Materials

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A simple beam has I beam cross section, the beam carries several loads as shown in the figure, where:

F1 = 3 kN, F2 = 5 kN, F3 = 2 kN at θ= 60o, and F4 = 4 kN at θ= 30o, as shown in the figure

a)     Find, supports reactions,

b)    Draw normal force diagram (NFD), shear force diagram (SFD), and bending moment diagram (BMD).

c)     Find, maximum tensile stress, and its location on the beam.

d)    Find, maximum shear stress, and its location on the beam.

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The thickness is 12 mm

All dimensions in (mm)

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Description: 0.2 m,0.4 m,0.5 m,0.3 m,0.35 m,NFD,SFD,BMD