Engines and Vehicles Technology Department

{Academic Year 1432-1433, 2nd Trimester}


Course Title: Mechanics of Materials (MEV 4372)

Prerequisites:  MTH 4351, PHY 4352

Credit hrs: 3, (3-0-1)

Course Teacher: Dr. Kassem Mourad

Class Schedule: Mon. 10-11-12-13, (27800), Classroom (15-G-18)

Office hours: Sat. 4, Sun. 5, Mon. 4, Tue. 5, (Office 15-S-30)  


Course Objective:

Develop a thorough understanding of the relations between the loads applied to a deformable body and the stresses and strains produced in the body.



1- Introduction: Physical Quantities, SI System of Units, External Loads. 

2- Simple Stresses: Normal Stress, Shear Stress, Bearing Stress, Bending Stress and Torsion Stress, Properties of Cross Sections: Area, Area Centroid, Second and Polar Moment of Area.

3- Strain: Simple Strain, Stress-strain Diagram, Modulus of Elasticity, Axial Deformation, Shearing Deformation, Poisson's Ratio.

4- Normal, Shear and Moment Stresses in Beams: Types of load, Normal, Shear and Moment Diagrams.

6- Beam Deflections: Elastic Curve of the Beam.                                        



- Mechanics of Materials: Beer F.P. and Johnston E.R. Jr. McGraw-Hill Inc.

- Engineering Materials: Properties and Selection , K.G. Budinski, Prentice Hall.

- Strength of Materials: R.S. Khurmi, S Chand & Company LTD., 23rd Ed., 2008.

- www.thecartech.com
Grade Distribution:

                                                Attendance                       6 point

                                                Home works                   20 point

                                                Quizzes                          20 point      

                                                Participation                     4 point

                                                Mid-term exam I            15 point

                                                Mid-term exam II          15 point
                                                Final exam                     20 point


                                                Total                             100 point

                                               + Additional work             3                                  








General rules 


·    The student will be considered absent in a class after the teacher finishes taking the students attendance.

·    The student will not be allowed to come into class after 20 minutes pass from the beginning of the class, unless he has a very good excuse.  

·    In case the student is absent three classes without official excuse he will not be permitted to attend the final exam.

·    The student will be considered absent with excuse in case he brings an official excuse from the college administration.

·    There will be two points’ deduction for each absence without permission.

·    The student attendance should be in accordance with the college dress code.


Homework and homework report:

 The homework and homework report should follow the following instructions and rules:

·    The homework report should be written on one face of A4 papers.

·    The homework should be handwritten in pencil and the use of a computer will not be allowed unless otherwise stated.

·    The exercise number and heading should be written before the answer.

·    When writing the answer you should start by writing the formula used firs followed by your answer.

·    The units used should be included in the final answer.

·    The homework should have a cover having all the information needed and the report should be stapled.

·    The homework should be handed in the beginning of the class on the assigned date.

·    The homework that does not follow these rules will not be taken into consideration.


The mid term exams:

·    In case the student misses one of the mid term exams without official excuse (permit), he will not have another exam and his grade in this exam will be null.

·    In case the student misses one of the mid term exams with official excuse, the teacher of the course will take what he sees fit to evaluate the student.

·    In case the student gets a low grade in the mid term exam, he will not have another chance or a make-up exam.

·    The student should bring all the necessary tools needed for the exam (calculator, pencil, ….etc.)