Toyota Vehicle Stability Control System (VSC)


Following Mercedes-Bosch’s lead and ITT’s prototype vehicle stability control using the vehicle’s brake system, Toyota is readying a similar system for introduction in a new luxury rear-wheel-drive car to be launched this fall. It is called VSC, and will be combined with ABS and TCS (traction control system), sharing most of their sensors, actuators and the electronic control unit.



In essence, the system judges vehicle behavior and driver input by throttle opening, brake pressure, steering angle, forward and lateral acceleration, vehicle’s deviation from the intended/safe line of travel. It applies appropriate brakes and moderate throttle in order to generate a moment to counter incipient outward or inward slide, which under changed would have caused the vehicle to run off the road.

The VSC was designed and developed by Toyota with components supplied by its affiliates Aisin and Denso.



Automotive Engineering/August 1995