Mechanical Engineering Department

“Automotive Technology Section”

{Academic Year 1429-1430, 1st Semester}


Course Title: Automotive Design (AET 455)

Credit hrs: 2, (2-1-0)

Prerequisite: ATE 454, AET 352

Course Teacher: Dr. Kassem Mourad (Office 15-S-30)

Class Schedule: Tue. 3-4-5, (15-G-18)

Office hrs: Sat 4, Mon. 4 and Wed. 4


Course Objective:

            The main objective of this course is to provide the students with information about the design and construction of automobile parts, through studying their performance and functions. Also, to illustrate the applications of optimal design of vehicle systems as: transmission, brakes, suspension, and steering.


  1. Clutch

Clutch function and construction, calculation of critical parameters of clutch.

  1. Transmission System

Gearbox and final drive unit functions and constructions, calculation of critical parameters of gearbox and final drive unit.

  1. Shafts and Axles

Calculation of the propeller shaft, driven and driving axle parameters.

  1. Brakes

Design calculation of disc and drum brakes.

  1. Suspension system

Suspension function and construction, design of springs.


- Automobile Chassis, Design and Calculations, P. Lukin, G. Gasparyants, V. Rodionov, MIR Publishers Moscow. 1989.


- Mechanical Design, Peter R. N. Childs, Elsevier Butterworth-Heinemann, 2004.  



Grade Distribution:

                                                Attendance                    6 point

                                                Homework                    8 point

                                                Participation                   4 point

                                                Mid term exam I           16 point

                                                Mid term exam II          16 point


                                                Class work                   50 point                                

                                                Final exam                    50 point


* Total of 100 point (60 point needed to pass the course).








General rules





·    The student will be considered absent in a class after the teacher finishes taking the students’ attendance.

·    The student will not be allowed to come into class after 20 minutes have passed from the beginning of class.

·    In case the student is absent in three classes without official excuse he will not be permitted to attend the final exam.

·    The student will be considered absent with excuse in case he brings an official excuse from the college administration.

·    There will be two points’ deduction for each absence without permission.

·    The student should follow college dress code when attending all classes.



Homework and homework report:


The homework and homework report should follow the following instructions and rules:

·    The homework report should be written on one face of A4 papers.

·    The homework should be handwritten in pencil and the use of a computer will not be allowed unless otherwise stated.

·    The exercise number and heading should be written before the answer.

·    When writing the answer you should start by writing the formula used first then followed by your answer.

·    The units used should be included in the final answer.

·    The homework should have a cover page with all the required information filled in. Reports should be stapled correctly.

·    The homework should be handed in the beginning of the class on the assigned date.


·    Homework that does not follow these rules will not be taken into consideration.



The mid term exams:


·    In case the student misses one of the mid term exams without official excuse (permit), he will not have another exam and his grade in this exam will be null.

·    In case the student misses one of the mid term exams with official excuse, the teacher of the course will take what he sees fit to evaluate the student.

·    In case the student gets a low grade in the mid term exam, he will not have another chance or a make-up exam.

·    The student should bring all the necessary tools needed for the exam (calculator, pencil ….etc.)