Report No. 1:


1- a) A 14 mm dia. Steel bar is subjected to a tensile load of 9,240 N; calculate the stress.

    b) Choose a suitable steel if the required SF is 6.


2- A structure suspended by EN3 tie-bars is equivalent to a load of 100,000 N. The tie-bars each have a diameter of 28 mm. If the SF is 10, calculate the minimum number of tie-bars.


3- In a cylinder of bore 70 mm the pressure is 4 N/mm2. The cover plate is secured by M10 studs with a required SF of 12. Determine the minimum number of studs using a) EN1A , b) EN3.


4- What diameter of EN8 shaft will withstand a tensile load of 50,000 N if the required SF 8?



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