Report No. 2:


5- A 70 mm diameter shaft is subjected to a tangential load of 80 kN. With a SF of 5, design a suitable feather key for the shaft.


6- The maximum explosion pressure in the cylinder of a combustion engine is 0.8 N/mm2. The piston has a diameter of 100 mm. Determine the minimum diameter of gudgeon pin, using a suitable steel, with a required SF of 16.


7- This En1A bar of Fig.1 is subjected to a load of 12,000 N with a required SF of 10. Determine suitable sizes for dimensions d, D, and h.


8- A flanged coupling connects two transmission devices with pins of diameter 12 mm made of En3 steel, at a pitch circle diameter of 150 mm. If a torque of 2,600 N m is applied with a required safety factor of 5, calculate the minimum number of studs required.



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