Design Considerations

1- Strength                                                                           12- Noise

2- Reliability                                                                         13- Styling

3- Thermal considerations                                              14- Shape

4- Corrosion                                                                        15- Size

5- Wear                                                                                 16- Flexibility

6- Friction                                                                             17- Control

7- Processing                                                                       18- Stiffness

8- Utility                                                                                19- Surface finish

9- Cost                                                                                   20- Lubrication

10- Safety                                                                             21- Maintenance

11- Weight                                                                            22- Volume


Usually a number of these design considerations have to be considered in any given design situation. Sometimes one of these will turn to be critical, and when it is satisfied, the other factors no longer need to be considered.

Some of these considerations have to do directly with the dimensions, the material, the processing, and joining the elements of the system. Other factors affect the configuration of the total system.