Machine Elements Design

Exam 1d

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1- In a cylinder of bore (d) 80 mm the maximum pressure exerts a force (F) of 14000 N on its top head. The cover plate is secured by (n) 6 bolts. Determine:
a- Studs size of using EN3 steel material with a required safety factor (SF) of 10.
b- The cylinder maximum pressure (p).





2- Determine the safe tensile, shear and bearing loads and the efficiency for a 200 mm section of single-riveted lap joint made from 6 mm plates using four 16-mm diameter rivets. Assume that the drilled holes are 1.5 mm larger in diameter than the rivets. The values for the design limits for tensile, shear and bearing stress can be taken as 75, 60 and 131 MPa, respectively.






3- Find the equations of stresses at point A due to a force F. The pin diameter is d.


4- Define the following:

a- Stress, b- Types of Rivets, c- Types Rivets joints