Exam 1

Machine Elements Design

2nd semester 1428-1429


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1- A) Using stress-strain curve, show the following:

 a- Material yield strength (σy )

 b- Proportionality limit

c- Fracture point


B) Define the following:

Material modulus of elasticity (E)



b- Centroidal axis:

c- Moment (M):



2- A) Find the () (horizontal centroidal axis) of the following area (all dimensions in cm, and all thicknesses

are 1 cm).








B- Find (Ix) of the following shape (all dimensions in cm, All the thicknesses are 1 cm).






3- A) Find number of bolts in the cover of the shape shown, under a force of 14100 N, if:

- bolt size is M6

- bolt material is EN3

- factor of safety is 3

B) find the pressure in the cylinder, if D = 80 mm




















4) Find the reaction at points A, and C.
(All dimensions are in mm)
































A- Find the key dimensions, if the tangential force is 30 000 N, and the shaft diameter D = 60 mm, the key material is EN1A, and the factor of safety = 5.

B- What is the value of torque T (Nm) applied to the shaft due to the force?

C- Write down the equation of shaft maximum torsional stress using the symbols shown on the figure.