Exam. 1-A

Machine Elements Design


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1- Show the following using stress-strain curve:

 A- Material yield stress (σy )

 B- Material proportion limit

C- Material Young’s modulus

B) Define the following:

a- Moment:


b- Location of centroid:

c- Safety factor:



2- A) Find the () of the following area (all dimensions in cm):




B- Find (Ix) of the following shape (all dimensions in cm):

All thicknesses are 1 cm.







3- A M16 bolt is subjected to a tensile load of 15 000 N,

A)  Chose suitable steel if the required SF is 4.




B) Find extension on the bolt DL due to the tensile force. If the bolt length is 40 mm, and  the modulus of elasticity of the bolt material E= 20x104 MPa.











4- Find maximum bending stress on the shaft:

The solid rectangular beam short side is 10 mm, the beam long side is 12 mm.