Exam. 1-E

Machine Elements Design


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1) A- Draw the FBD of the shown member.

(RA = 2 kN, RB = 8 kN)










1) B- Show the following using stress-strain curve “A”:

 a- Proportion limit  

 b- Elasticity limit
d- If the two curves represent steel and copper, which is which?, and why?



2) This EN32A steel bar shown in the figure is subjected to a load of 12,000 N. With a required SF of 10, determine suitable sizes for dimensions d, and h.

(d = 17.48 mm, h = 7.28 mm)






3) A rectangular rod as shown in the figure is made of steel ENA32 and subjected to a maximum moment of 150 Nm. Find the factor of safety used in this case. (All dimensions are in mm) (SF = 10)

















4- A steel rod ABCD 4.5 m long and 20 mm in diameter is subjected to the forces as shown in the figure, if the Young’s modulus for the steel is 180 GPa. Determine its deformation. (1.86 mm)