Exam. 1-F

Machine Elements Design


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1- A) Draw the FBD of the shown member.















1- B) Show the following using stress-strain curve:

 i- Material yield stress (σy )

ii- Material Young’s modulus


2- A pin subjected to a force as shown in the figure. If the outer diameter is 30 mm, and the inner diameter is 26 mm.


A) Find the shear stress on the pin.







B) choose a suitable material for the tie rod, if the area of the tie rod is 330 mm2 and the required factor of safety is 7.








3- A beam of a cross section as shown in the figure is subjected to a maximum bending stress of 200 MPa, due to a moment of 120 Nm. Find the length of the square.









4- A steel bar ABC 400 mm long and 20 mm in diameter is subjected to the forces as shown in the figure, if the value of Young’s modulus for the steel is 200 GPa, determine the deformation.