Sample Exam 1

Machine Elements Design



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1- A) Using stress-strain curve, show the following:

 a- Material ultimate strength (σu )

 b- Material elastic limit

c- Material modulus of elasticity (E)


B) Define the following:

a- Strain (ε):



b- Allowable stress (σall):

c- Second moment of area (I):




2- A) Find the () of the following area (all dimensions in cm):
The circle diameter is 10 cm, and the square side length is 2 cm.








B- Find (Ix) of the following shape (all dimensions in cm):All the thicknesses are 2 cm.








3- A steel bar of circular cross section, the bar diameter is 20 mm

(a) Find the tensile stress at point A, due to a force of 10 000 N.





(b) Find the bending stress at point A, due to a force of 1000 N.





c) Find the torsion stress at point A, due to a torque of 300 Nm.







(d) Find the strain in case (a), if the modulus of elasticity of the shaft material E= 20x104 MPa.








 (e) Find the stress at point A, due to combined loading as in case (a) and case (b).








4- Write down the types of springs and their usages in machines


Spring type


Spring usages