Sample Exam 1

Machine Elements Design


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1- A) Define the following:

a- Inertia force (Fi)



b- Second moment of area (I):




c- Material Yong’s modulus (Modulus of elasticity) (E): 




B- Find (Ix) of the following shape (all dimensions in cm):

All thicknesses are 1 cm.







2- A steel bar of an area of 100 mm2 is subjected to a tensile load of 10 000 N,

A) Find the material ultimate strength (σu) if the required SF is 4.











B) Find extention on the shaft DL due to the tensile force, if the modulus of elasticity of the shaft material E= 20x104 MPa.












3-A) Find maximum bending stress on the shaft:

The solid shaft small diameter is 20 mm, the shaft big diameter is 26 mm.
















3-B) A shaft of a cross section as shown in the figure is subjected to maximum torsional shear stress of 100 MPa. Find the torque acting on the shaft, if d = 20 mm.