Adjusting the headlights- ضبط الأنوار الأمامية
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Adjusting the headlights- ضبط الأنوار الأمامية


Lighting System


Directing the headlights:

Directing the headlights

The centers of the headlight low beams should land on the road about 30 meters ahead of the car, the left angled straight ahead and the right angled slightly toward the edge of the road. Headlight high beams should aim just below the horizon. Although the headlights are best adjusted professionally, you can aim them yourself.

  • First, check that the tires are inflated   properly and that the car is carrying its usual load.

  • Park the car on a level surface, the   headlights 25 centimeters from a wall or garage door.

  • Turn on the low beams and draw or tape a   cross on the wall to mark the center of each beam.

  • Back the car perfectly straight 7.5 meters.   Each headlight has two adjusting screws, one at the top or bottom and one at   the side; to adjust the aim, tighten or loosen the screws.

  • Set each headlight low beam 5 centimeters   below the horizontal lines: the left even with its vertical line; the right 5   centimeters to   the right of its vertical line. On a four light system, adjust the high beams   the same way as the low beams; on a two light system, the high beams are   automatically adjusted with the low beams.


(Taken from: Time-Life Books Inc. -  Quick Action Guide to CAR CARE)


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