Research abstract
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Research abstract

Feasibility Study of Preventive Maintenance Implementation

Based on Cost Analysis


K.M.   Mourad, T.A. Nosseir

Automotive Department,   Faculty of Engineering,

Ain Shams University Abbasia, Cairo, Egypt. (


A.A. Salem

The General Nile Direct   Transport Company,

Gisr El-Suez, Cairo, Egypt.








Abstract: The success in the management of a truck fleet depends upon many factors. An important one is how good the preventive maintenance is executed. For that reason it should be a way or a method which can be implemented to measure or to evaluate the execution of the preventive maintenance. The objective of this work is to use the cost of repairs of the fleet as a base to evaluate the efficiency of the execution of the preventive maintenance, and to find a relationship between the level of executed preventive maintenance and the cost of repairs. In this paper, a new parameter based on cost analysis is introduced. This new parameter, namely the maintenance grade (MG) is used as a measure or indicator of the preformed maintenance level in different working places. A cost study employing the MG was carried out using real data obtained from different branches of a goods transportation company. The fleet of the chosen company is composed of trucks of different makes and having different operating lives. The relationship between the MG for the fleet of tucks and the costs of the truck's maintenance and repairs was studied. Results obtained provide insight into the execution level of preventive maintenance and its relationship to repairs cost.


The objective of this investigation is to obtain the relationship between the level of the executed preventive maintenance (EPM) for trucks and their cost of repairs. From this relation the efficiency of the executed preventive maintenance can be judged.


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