Automotive Engineering II- 2 هندسة سيارات
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Automotive Engineering II- 2 هندسة سيارات

 Automotive Engineering II

هندسة سيارات 2

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Handout materials


    Handout 1  
    Report cover  
NOTES Note 1 Brake Performance  
  Note 2 Stability Stability Control System حقائق عن نظام الأتزان
  Note 3 Handling Characteristics of Road Vehicle  
  Note 4 Steering System  
    The History of Car Steering & Suspension  
  Note 5 Introduction to suspension  
  Note 6 Vehicle (dimensions, axle weight, transferred weight, acceleration, gradient)  
    Active Steering  
    Alignment Angles Explained  
    Roll Center
    Inclined Road Forces  PDF  
    Vehicle Stability Old Notes
EXCEL   Steering angles (Excel)
    Brake Force analysis (Excel)
    Maximum acceleration (Excel)
    Maximum gradient (due to slipping) (Excel)
    FWD vs. RWD {Slip - Flip over} (Excel)
    Maximum car speed on a curved paths (Excel)
Homework   Homework 1 (Solution)
    HW 2  
    HW 3  
EXAMS Exam1 Sample Exam1  
    Auto Exam 1a  
    Auto Exam 1b  
    Auto Exam 1c  
  Exam2 Sample Exam2  
    Auto Exam 2a  
    Auto Exam 2b  
  Final Exam. Final Exam  

Car Center of Gravity/ Mass (CG/ CM)

Car CG

Step by step to find the car center of gravity/ mass (CG/ CM)

 Car CG example

Car CG and Moment Arm

Extra Readings Steering, Alignment & Geometry Suspension & Dampers


External links:


Suspension system: (
OVER STEER UNDER STEER Steering and Tires Principles of Steering Geometry  Suspension Camber angle 


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